BMS Maschinenfabrik GmbH

As a system provider, in addition to project planning, delivery and installation, the company portfolio also includes machine commissioning and maintenance as well as a comprehensive service package. With its dynamic concepts and flexible solutions in packing and palletising technology the mechanical and plant engineering company is able to focus on the individual needs of its customers and also adapt to current market demands.

Over the past ten years BMS has advanced from being a provider of individual machines to a system specialist for the dry area, sorting and repacking sectors. Challenges that lie ahead have long been on the company’s radar screens: increasingly smaller and smaller households, smaller and smaller pack sizes and growing individualised consumer demands – and BMS is facing increasing demands for solutions that address these shifting conditions. Primary development goals are always simple handling, fast system conversion for maximum variability and reliability as well as longevity.

Top product quality, contract compliance, promptness, a comprehensive service and flexible, tailored solutions are standards that are most important to us. Our solution is always tailored to meet the customer’s specific needs and not the other way around.

The outcome: a trusting partnership that we foster with our customers and our suppliers over many years.
Quality from BMS

Development, manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning – all taken care of by us as a one-stop solution. Once accomplished, you can also rely on us for maintenance and conversion jobs. As our customer you receive everything from one source. We plan, develop and manufacture systems primarily for medium-sized companies and offer the full range of equipment for capacities ranging from 3,000 to 70,000 containers per hour.

With our keen innovative approach and the flexibility of a medium-sized company with strong regional ties we take great pleasure in working hand in hand with our customers. We offer our customers support in the maintenance, inspection, overhaul and repair of their machine park to ensure a sustainable and optimum utilisation.

We focus on machine longevity, a good and fast service and on maximum productivity. In brief: our focus is on reliability. At BMS we regard this commitment as well as our innovative strength as the basis of our success. And we will continue to attach utmost importance to environmentally sustainable, state-of-the-art and innovative action in the future as well.

We feel particularly connected to the people of Gäuboden – here great importance is attached to tradition and values. This is where the people rely on the promise of a handshake at the end of the day. Being able to rely on each other is something we at BMS value greatly. And for this reason we foster an environment of mutual respect, live and work with flat hierarchies and ensure that we can further enhance our professional skills. And this approach works: the opportunity to work independently and the challenging and varied work promote commitment and a strong identification with the company and its products. This motivating work climate is reflected in the company’s high training rate of approximately 10% and its equally exceptional low staff fluctuation rate.