The UNITRANS series: pack conveyors, container conveyors and pallet conveyors for every performance range

BMS conveyors cover the entire conveying range of a filling plant and ensure the ideal flow of material.

BMS conveyors are custom-made, solid structures of durable stainless steel: Based on a flexible modular system and using a specially developed COP concept (carry-over parts from previous models) we are able to optimally cover the entire conveyor range of the wet and dry areas of a bottling line.

Our in-house production also offers additional advantages: we ensure an ideal flow of material without compromise – and enable further expansions even after several years. For our drives we solely used gear motors from reputable manufacturers with frequency converters and soft start features. Upon request, the conveyors can be connected to the system control via bus interface.

Product range

  • Container conveyors with product-specific chains such as flat-top chains of steel or plastic or modular belts
  • Special modules such as pressure-free combining, electronic blocking with single lane conveyor between two machines
  • Pack conveyors with flat-top chains, modular belts or other special chains for gentle product handling
  • Transfer modules for smooth transfer of sensitive packs
  • Pack dividers or pack combiners
  • Pallet conveyors such as e.g. roller conveyors, chain conveyors, rotary tables, end turning systems, pallet magazines, pallet lifting devices, pallet inspection systems