The BMS UNIMODUL is a multifunctional combined packer, unpacker and repacker using the proven BMS technology. Through its flexible application it offers a high precision solution for many different tasks and, thanks to its mobility, it can be operated in different places. It has a touch panel with intuitive user prompting and logical diagnostic feedback. Every UNIMODUL is tailored to the customer’s individual needs and packaging variety – an absolute must with today’s many different packing applications.

The compact, space-saving portal design with highly dynamic servo-drives and optimal load distribution based on the unique bridge-type design make the UNIMODUL a multifunctional all-rounder.

bms unimodul gr

Standard containers become individual containers

bms unimodul grafik en

Overview of UNIMODUL performance:


  • Crate to carton
  • Case to open basket
  • Crate via multipack to case (pin partition)
  • Crate (clip-lock bottle) to carton