Cam-controlled packing machine


The BMS cam-controlled packing machine UNIPACK 100 has been specifically designed for small and medium capacities. Here the gripper head runs in high precision guides with a stable lever junction and is actuated via a solid steel cam. The installed asynchronous drive with enhanced energy efficiency and performance is also practically maintenance free. With its modular design based on a stable, welded distortion-free stainless steel structure, the UNIPACK 100 allows an individual adjustment to very different containers and packs. The UNIPACK 100 is available as a packing or unpacking unit and also for T-configuration or H-configuration.

bms UNIPACK 100

UNIPACK portal-type machines – overview of technologies

  • Integrated vibrator and completeness monitoring
  • Transfer panel between container transport and bottle table
  • Container transport equipped with flat-top chains of steel or plastic or mat-type conveyor, depending on the respective task

  • Integrated infeed and pack stopper
  • Pack transport with steel flat-top chain
  • Optimised railing

Optimised long-term packing bells adjusted to suit the product range

  • Packing bell with gripper finger
  • Packing bell with inflatable sleeve
  • Packing bells for PET
  • Packing bells for clip-lock bottles
  • Packing bells for tight spaces
  • Self-developed vacuum gripper
  • Special packing bells

  • Rigid and axially adjustable gripper heads
  • Individually adjustable gripper heads for individual pack
  • Gripper heads for carton
  • Repacker gripper heads for carton

  • Automatic label orientation
  • Automatic clip-lock rotation
  • Crate full monitoring